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Modification of a Beta Glucan Affects Aggregation Behavior and Biological Activity

Research Abstract

Magee, A.S.: Langeslay, R.R.; Will, P.M.; Elmasry, N.A.; Danielson, M.E.

Scleroglucan is a beta-1,3-glucan which is highly branched at the 6-position with a single glucose residue. Acid hydrolysis of a high molecular weight scleroglucan gave a medium molecular weight, freely soluble material. Linkage analysis by the PMAA method showed that the material had 30% branching. When the material was subjected to partial Smith degradation, the percent branching was reduced accordingly. As the percent branching was reduced, the average molecular weight of the sample increased considerably, indicating the assembly of a higher ordered aggregate structure. This aggregated structure gave the material biological activity that was not observed with the original, highly branched material. Structural characterization of the various materials will be described.


Published at on 06 August 2012

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