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Enzymatic Method To Measure β-1,3-β-1,6-Glucan Content in Extracts and Formulated Products (GEM Assay)

Research Abstract

Michael E. Danielson, Rosmarie Dauth, Natalie A. Elmasry, Ryan R. Langeslay, Andrew S. Magee,* and Paul M. Will
Biothera, 3388 Mike Collins Drive, Eagan, Minnesota 55121

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. DOI:10.1021/jf102003m

An enzymatic method to measure beta glucan content (GEM assay) is applicable in a variety of matrices. The method is composed of swelling the sample with KOH and initial digestion with a lyticase, which is followed by treatment with a mixture of exo-1,3-beta-D-glucanase and β-glucosidase that converts the beta glucan to glucose. The glucose generated by the enzymatic hydrolysis is measured by another enzymatic method. The method is shown to be accurate and precise. The method is selective and applicable to both highly branched and unbranched beta-1,3-glucans.


Published at on 30 September 2010

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