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Wellmune Beta Glucan Scientific Research

On this page we present some of the many studies on Wellmune® Beta Glucan and immune system health. Wellmune is supported by more than $350M worth of research and development with numerous human clinical trials, many of which have been published several times in peer-reviewed journals. Wellmune beta glucans are protected by 40 patents and patents pending in several countries. This is no doubt one of the best documented yeast beta glucans around, and so far our favourite functional ingredient for optimal immune health.

Wellmune was developed by Biothera and is now owned by Kerry Group. The patented functional ingredient is extracted from a proprietary yeast strain with unique characteristics. Wellmune research published in Nature has demonstrated that molecular structure, particle size and manufacturing process is crucial for biological activity and the receptor binding required to prime innate immune system cells for activity.

A bit misleadingly, supplements with mushroom, oat and other brands of yeast beta glucans still reference research originating from Biothera’s development of Wellmune Beta Glucan, which of course may not be accurate (in particular for mushroom and oat derived beta glucans) in terms of potential immune system health benefits.

Wellmune Beta Glucan Research Overview

Wellmune Beta Glucan – Clinical Research

Wellmune Beta Glucan – Preclinical Research

Wellmune Beta Glucan – Analytical Research


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Video presentations of Wellmune clinical studies

  • Firefighters stress study with similar results as found in the stressed women study above

  • Brian McFarlin Ph.D. talks about two studies on strenuous exercise and mucosal immunity


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